Summary - TST 24


TST 24

Luis Alonso Álvarez
De enfermo a bañista. Formación y desarrollo de la demanda en el turismo español de salud y bienestar, 1750-1935.

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Key Words: Health and wellness tourism; thermal tourism; spas; medicinal mineral waters.

[ Abstract ]

After reviewing the main historical stages of health tourism in Spain between 1750 and 2012, the diverse available statistical sources are examined in order to know the the demand of travellers who came to the Spanish resorts. A series is reconstructed with these data, which extends between 1849 and 1931 and is formed with the four following items: a) officially registered patients (the only ones that appear in the above sources); b) his companions and relatives; c) the rest of unregistered resort users; d) patients not registered as they appear in clandestine facilities.