TST is an academic journal founded in 2001 whose main purpose is the publication of historical research on the tertiary sector. The journal publishes papers on the origin and evolution of services such as transport -railway, naval, air and road-, trade, banking, insurance, water supply, gas and electricity, communications, education and health, among others. Research in recent decades has enhanced the importance of these activities in economic development and its remarkable contribution to GDP. In fact, the Industrial Revolution and Industrialization could not be understood without them. No period is excluded, although most investigations are in the contemporary period.

TST also welcomes articles with different historical approaches than those of economic and business history. First, they are fully accepted the research of Social History, for example about unions, working conditions, gender studies, urban history and historical anthropology. We also publish articles on the history of science and technology, economic thought, political history, history of culture and historical heritage. We also welcome interdisciplinary research, or who introduce innovative methodologies (oral history, for example). In short, any topics is not excluded; but it is essential two conditions: first, papers must try some of the activities in the tertiary sector. Second, the perspective must be historical.

TST has a clear international vocation. The magazine is published by a Spanish-Portuguese association, the Iberian Railway History Association, revealing that work on the Portuguese economy and society are neither more nor less appreciated than the Spanish economy and society. We are also particularly interested in publishing papers on the cultural areas to which we belong, and on which the two Iberian countries are projected: Europe and Latin America. Finally, TST does not put restrictions to the publication of works of any geographical regions (such as North America) where these conditions on historical perspective and methodology are met.

TST is published in Spanish, but welcomes articles written in the language of any country of the European Union (Latin alphabet). However, we prefer the texts in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and Italian; as well as other languages in Spain