Summary - TST 24


TST 24

Ana Moreno Garrido
Fuentes para una historia del turismo español. Fondos documentales del Archivo General de la Administración.

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Key Words: THistory, Tourism, History of Public Administration, Documentary Sources.

[ Abstract ]

The examination of sources is fundamental in a historian’s profession. This is of up most importance in the new topics of historiography, as is in the case of the history of tourism. Without a doubt, a closer look at the topic leads us to the State’s sources, because of the importance that the Public Administration has had on the origin and development of Spanish tourism. In this sense, the General Archives of the State Administration are discussed obligatorily, not only for the wide and complex chronology to be understood, but also because of its richness and complexity, directly related with other sources, not only touristic, which allow the historian to achieve something greater than just a simple history on the Spanish Tourism Administration. This article provides an approximation of the possibilities of this Archive to the history of Spanish tourism.