Summary - TST 44


TST 44


Methodological contributions for a heritage inventory of the railway legacy as a basis for a territorial system of industrial mining heritage in the regions of El Bierzo and Laciana

Key Words: railway architecture, company archive, industrial heritage inventory, industrial landscape.

[ Abstract ]

We reflect here on the research carried out regarding the inventory of the railway legacy of Bierzo and Laciana mining regions (Leon, Spain) – integrated by local sections of the Iberian gauge lines of Palencia - La Coruña and Ponferrada - Villablino. The proposed method is explained, aimed at defining a detailed database in which to record the different elements of the infrastructure integrated in an industrial-mining landscape. Its degree of transformation along with its current situation were analyzed, and the proposals of patrimonial reuse were documented. An evolutionary analysis of the infrastructure was carried out to provide useful data for subsequent phases of selection, legal protection and strategic planning. This study lays out the search strategy and managed sources, and explains the content structure as a two-way path: the inventory of tangible and intangible assets on the section, and a sampling of building types deployed on the line.