Summary - TST 22


TST 22

Rafael Castro
Transferencia de conocimiento en la España del desarrollismo: el caso de las empresas francesas de consultoría técnica.

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Key Words: Development programs, Consulting firms, Technological development, Industrial Organization,Railways, Mining.

[ Abstract ]

This research studies the behavior of the French technical consulting firms in the Spain of Govenment Planning. Our paper shows that French consulting firms specialized – through technical assistance contracts – in providing services for sectors that can be regarded as “classic” to French investment, such as mining, railways, steel, chemicals or electricity, halfway between the first and the second Industrial Revolutions. The French presence in the sector was due to the accumulated experience, the knowledge of the Spanish market and, also, due to a better adaptation to the Spanish firms. With new French and Spanish sources and in the light of new definitions given by historians of technology, the paper is also useful to reinterpret and to clarify some concepts without a sharp definition.