Summary - TST 44


TST 44


Theoretical-methodological proposal for evaluation of cultural railways goods

Key Words: Heritage theory; railway heritage; attributes; cultural significance.

[ Abstract ]

This article is the result of an investigation under development and part of the assumption pointed out by Coulls (1999) that the broad railway universe, has particular characteristics that differ from the “common” cultural heritage and therefore must have specific criteria. Authenticity, integrity and cultural significance are notions that guide the conservation of cultural assets worldwide, despite their difficult understanding and operationalization. Thus, it seeks to propose, through a contemporary interpretation of heritage, an inseparable reading of these three notions, based on the premise of Lira (2020) that are directly related to the attributes of the cultural good. It is assumed that attributes are the essence of the attribution of values that give meaning to cultural goods. In order to assist the understanding of railway attributes, the article has a theoretical-methodological focus and through a reflection of the literature, proposes specific aspects that will cooperate in the identification of railway attributes and, thus, contribute with a tool that helps in reading the particular characteristics of the railways and consequently in the patrimonialization of these cultural goods.