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The wine industry in Cadiz during the nineteenth century. Lacave y Echecopar: wineries and shipping agents

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Key Words: viniculture, business, wine, Cádiz, shipping agent.

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Cádiz has historically been recognized by the importance of its commercial activity but it was also a remarkable vinicultural city from the mid-nineteenth century. The purpose of this research is to study the economic activity developed by Lacave & Echecopar, one of the wineries established in Cadiz between 1830 and 1870, because it came to reach a great relevance at national and international level because of its location, its business diversification and the integration of the wine business with the vessel consignment service. For the analysis, we used the internal historical documentation of the company, which is preserved in the Unit of Historical Studies of Wine of the University of Cadiz. However, temporary data gaps have greatly hampered our research, and have forced us to complement the analysis with other external sources. Finally, the absence of studies about Lacave & Echecopar has led us to write this paper, which highlights the commercial activity developed by this company and contributes to improve the knowledge about the business and economic history of the nineteenth century in Cadiz.