Summary - TST 24


TST 24

Luis Alfonso Garay Tamajón y Gemma Cánoves i Valiente
El papel del espacio rural en la historia del turismo. El caso de Catauña.

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Key Words: History of Tourism, Rural Tourism, Tourism Area Lyfe Cycle, Regulation Theory.

[ Abstract ]

Tourism has had in recent years an important role in the development of many rural destinations in Spain. However, long before the emergence of generic rural tourism as we know it today, there were many activities related to leisure and travel whose importance was decisive in the history of tourism in broader terms. The aim of this paper is twofold. On the one hand, from an empirical perspective, to recover the memory about the role of these essentially rural phenomena in the history of tourism. On the other hand, from a conceptual perspective, to demonstrate the validity of the concurrent use of two approaches to the historical development of tourism, Tourism Area Life Cycle and Regulation Theory.