Summary - TST 24


TST 24

Carlos Larrinaga
Nacimiento y evolución del termalismo vasco durante el siglo XIX. El caso de Guipúzcoa.

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Key Words: Ownership , investment, balneotherapy, Guipúzcoa.

[ Abstract ]

This article presents research on the formation of the Basque spa sector in the 19th century. It analyzes the case of Guipúzcoa, the territory in Spain best endowed with mineral sources at the time. The aim is a micro-study focusing on aspects as relevant as changes institutions, property and capital invested in the spa sector. The paper analyzes the structure of the thermal spa industry and its evolution throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, when thermalism entered into crisis. The research consults original notarized documentation from the Commercial Registry, which is of course limited in the sense that it does not permit a full reconstruction of the sources of capital. However, this paper is original for approximating such a reconstruction in comparison with capital investment in other economic sectors.