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TST 22

Giovanni Favero
La metamorfosi di uno spazio regionale: il caso veneto, 1750-1950

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Key Words: Railways, Regional development, Industrial development, Transport networks.

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This paper takes into exam the changes occurring in the economic structure of the Venetian region from the fall of the Republic of Venice until the post-WW2 period, focusing on the construction and development of transport infrastructure, in connection with the political vicissitudes of the area. Statistical sources and the historical literature available are used here in order to study the transition from a system composed by different economic areas, approximately coinciding with the major river basins converging into the Venetian lagoon, to a poly-centric ‘corridor’ connecting the main cities of the plain. This change was made possible by the network of road and rail transport built during the 19th Century, but in its turn the resulting decentralised spatial pattern affected the development of tramways network during the early 20th Century and explains the peculiar effects of the political choice in favour of the road transport made after WW2.