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TST 21

José Damián González Arce y Joaquín Gil Sáez
El puerto de San Sebastián y su cofradía de mareantes de Santa Catalina (1450-1550)

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Key Words: Ports, Guilds, Economic History.

[ Abstract ]

During the end of the Middle Ages and the early Modern period the port of San Sebastian acquired a relative commercial importance which had been unknown so far. This importance was obtained for different reasons, not only for the royal privileges granted to the town and the
anchorage itself, but also for the commercial relevance and the political influence of the Santa Catalina guild (shipowners and merchants) which managed the port. Some other reasons to consider are the complete port installations built with stones and also the pier duties which could mainly afford and maintain these buildings. For all the things mentioned above, in some way this port became the model to follow by other Cantabrian ports that aimed to develop its economic activity.