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TST 21

Carlos Larrinaga
Regeneración urbanística y nuevas opciones turísticas de las ciudades post-industriales: el caso de Bilbao

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Key Words: Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Museums, Urban renewal, Urban development.

[ Abstract ]

This paper is intended to analyse the tourist opportunities of post-industrial cities in the aftermath of the severe economic crisis that affected them following the 1970s oil price rises and the subsequent heavy industry crisis. For this purpose it has been taken as a study case one of the most representative cities of the European Atlantic façade: Bilbao, that in the last decades has become the most visited city by tourists of the Basque Country, thanks to the urban development implemented and to the ‘pull effect’ of the Guggenheim Museum; in fact, Bilbao has taken the place of San Sebastian as a traditional tourist destination. So, the aim of this paper is to reflect on the new opportunities that such cities with no tourist appeal in the past, offer tourists since only a few years ago.