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TST 18

Esmeralda Ballesteros Doncel
Retribuciones de los trabajadores del servicio de Vía y Obras (MZA). Reflexiones en torno a un análisis multidimensional

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Key Words: Railways; Wages; Standard of living; Organization of labour; Social services and benefits; Business History.

[ Abstract ]

The study of labour payments should consider both the quantifying of wages and the social context of their reception, taking into account the working conditions of the people who earn them. A multidimensional approach provides the understanding and significance of the payment statistics. In the case of the workers employed in the Service of Vía y Obras of the MZA company, their wages in 1915 were insufficient as a household income. However, the railway employees worked very hard, long hours, walking around the railway, working out in the open, being exposed to risks and enduring invisibility of the effort, apart from wage discrimination for women.