Summary - TST 3-4


TST 3-4

Albert Taulé Tello
Presencia pública de los archivos empresariales en Cataluña

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[ Abstract ]

This article analyses the public presence of the managerial, industrial commercial and professional records, of historical nature, in the public Archives in Catalonia. Two aspects can confirm such presence. On one hand, within the own context of the Archives, the work of the National Arxiu of Catalunya, of the Arxiu Històric of Sabadell and of the Municipal Arxiu of Barcelona must be highlighted. The edition of inventories and the collaboration in any event that can help to disseminate the industrial records are the main goals of such Archives.
On the other hand, within the most general scope of the historical patrimony, this article remarks the trend to recover the labour world records. In this sense, it reviews the works carried out by the CONC García Cipriano-Arxiu Històric Foundation, and the attention paid to the industrial documentary heritage by the industrial archaeology.
Despite some recent dissemination examples, a common network where the interested centres may participate (similar to the already working in Catalonia regarding both the movable and immovable industrial heritage) could bring a wider projection of this documentary heritage.