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TST 3-4

Jorge Schvarzer y Teresita Gómez
El ferrocarril del Oeste en la Argentina: entre las demandas de la ciudad y el campo (1854-1870)

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This article surveys the experience of the Ferrocarril Oeste (Western Railways) which was intended to link Buenos Aires with the far-off pampa around 1850. Two decades later this lines hardly exceeded 20 km, but the contribution of this pioneer rail company was highly significant.
It helped, together with other lines built within the province of Buenos Aires, to promote the urban growth in this area, where these companies settled with stability and generated, for two decades, a remarkeble passengers traffic that proved more important than that of goods in eonomic and social terms. That traffic promoted the development of the city beyond its old geographical limits and an intense revaluation of the plots close to its layout.