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TST 3-4

Carlos Larrinaga Rodríguez
El ferrocarril del Norte y su enlace transpirenaico a mediados del siglo XIX

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Thanks to the laws promulgated between years 1855 and 1856, the French financial group Pereire created the Northern Railway Line, aiming to connect Madrid with Irun and France. The Pereires had great expectations with this new route because they also had the concession of the French Midi line, that joined the Spanish border with Burdeos and Paris. Besides this, they sought that Valladolid became the commercial, industrial, financial and railway reference city in Northern Spain. This is the reason why this family was interested in connecting Madrid with the Castilian capital, and this one with the French border. Navarra fighted strongly against this transpirenaical connection, with the collaboration of Soria and La Rioja, because they wanted that the cross-border railway link at the Western Pyrinees were made through the Alduides Valley, allowing this way, the connection with the Midi line at the French por of Bayona. This line, supported by Mr. José de Salamanca and the Rothschilds, would allow the products from these regions, to find a new market in France, growing their exports and consequently their profit. Once again, the railway was a modernization instrument but also a source of disputes.