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TST 3-4

Jesús Mirás Araujo
La empresa "Aguas de La Coruña S.A.". La prestación de un servicio público básico en una ciudad de tipo medio entre 1939-1968

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This article aims to describe the evolution of the water supply service in the town of A Coruña from the end of the Civil War until its return to municipal ownership, in the late 1960s. Here I analyze the stages of the water supply and the management, trying to put into context this case study within the Spanish context as a whole.
The firm which won the adjudication -in concession regime-, “Aguas de La Coruña, S.A.”, was founded in 1903. Nevertheless, the supply network built before the Civil War had to face the requirements derived from the strong urban expansion of the post-war period. The consumption grew speedily, in such a way that the contribution of the first concession was insufficient to serve the new demand. This fact obliged the company to resort to new projects, which would guarantee an adequate water provision. Despite the innovations introduced by the company, the business ‘story’ was that of the frequent shortages that the service and the management had to face, as a result of the autarkic context prevailing during the ‘early Franco years’.