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TST 3-4

Pedro M. Pérez Castroviejo
La formación del sistema hospitalario vasco: administración y gestión económica, 1800-1936

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This article analyzes the evolution of the Basque hospital system from the late 18th century to 1936. We can observe the direct relationship between the economic potentiality in the area and the supply of public medical treatment. The management of these institutions was fulfilled by charity boards,whose scopes, at least in more developed hospitals such as the one in Bilbao, increased to the point of becoming a personal management carried out by a director who would take care, as a paid professional, of administrative and medical tasks. The course of profit and loss accounts in these institutions show differences, being the most notorious those related to raised income. The expenses subject is more homogeneous, devoting the biggest amount to food, payment of wages and infrastructure. Medicament expenses still limited, show the general possibilities with regard to a restricted pharmacological offer.